One fine evening, Hugh, Lila, Johnny and Mary Test were having dinner at a fancy restaurant.

The waiter placed their meals in front of them - steak with rum sauce, broccoli and mashed potatoes for Hugh, escarole bean soup for Lila, grilled chicken for Johnny and a spinach salad for Mary. "Mmmmm!" Hugh said, looks good!"

Mary was ready to dig into her supper, but before she could, she picked out a few things she did not like. "Mushrooms, yucky. Onions, yucky... and smelly." she muttered. Then she took out a raw green spinach leaf from her salad. "Hey, this isn't lettuce!" she yelled, "What kind of a salad is it?"

"Uh-oh, she's gonna pop!" Johnny said, looking worried.

"This is spinach!" Mary said.

As the waiter was refilling Mary's glass, he looked at her. "Is something the matter?" he asked.

"This is spinach." Mary said. Then she shouted, "And I! HATE! SPINACH!!!!!"

On "spinach", Mary threw her fist on the plate, causing the salad bowl to fly off her plate and land right on the waiter's head! Everyone stared at the Test family in shock. The waiter was humiliated and very angry to have salad on his head.

"Uh-oh." Mary gulped.

"That's it!" the waiter said angrily, "I quit!" He stormed off. Lila and Johnny felt embarrassed, but Hugh was very, very angry at Mary.

"I'm so embarrassed!" Lila said to herself.

"Mary Vanessa Test!" Hugh scolded through gritted teeth. Mary hung her head in guilt.

Later on, the Test family drove back home. Hugh was still angry. Marie, Angel and Young Nala were babysitting Susan Test and her brothers, Buster Bunny and Stitch.

"Back so soon?" Marie asked.

"Did you have a good time?" Angel asked.

"How did it go?" asked Nala.

Johnny began telling the young animal girls what had happened. "Mary punched her salad and it exploded!" Hugh and Lila listened to their son as he finished the story. "All over the waiter and everyone stared at us."

"They were not," Mary yelled. She took off her sweater and folded her arms, pouting. "Everyone's making this into such a big deal!"

"No more restaurants for you, young lady," Hugh told Mary. "Until you can behave and learn to eat what's placed in front of you. Now go to your room!"

Mary became very angry. She glared angrily at Hugh and told him, "You're as evil as Verminious Snaptrap!" She then went to her room in tears.

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