Lucy L. Loud is a main character from the popular Nickelodeon series The Loud House. She is the fifth youngest child of the big and often chaotic family.

90s AUEdit

Lucy Loud 90s AU vector
Lucy is a big fan of horror novelists and authors like R.L. Spine and Stephen Kee. However, the author she idolizes the most for her Gothic inspiration is Edgar Allen Poe. She secretly enjoys happy stories for children and keeps her happiness reading such stuff hidden from her siblings to avoid being teased, as she admits she wants a break from the darkness in the world.

She is the most irritated by Lynn for her gassiness, untidiness, brattiness, hyperactivity, sporty attitude, and poor sportsmanship. She especially hates how Lynn uses Lincoln to force him into things he wants nothing to do with and making him his sparring partner despite his protests.


  • She strongly believes broccoli can scream.
  • Her mysterious popping out of nowhere techniques has scared her siblings and parents more than anyone.


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