Leni L. Loud is a main character from the popular Nickelodeon series The Loud House. She is the second-oldest daughter child of the big and often chaotic family.

90's AUEdit

Leni Loud 90s AU vector

90's Leni

In this counterpart, although she is clumsy and sometimes, or more often than not gets in fights with Lori over dresses and similar-looking clothing, she doesn't let it get the better of her everyday social or family life.

She loves Lincoln very much, and is not much of an airhead but is just as supportive and as clever as her normal counterpart.

She loves going to the mall, shopping, rollerblading, watching sunsets, milkshakes, and being there for her family.


  • She has acrophobia, meaning she has a serious fear of spiders.
  • She and Luna both have the best sibling-to-sibling relations with Lincoln.


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