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Make fan-made stories that will sound good! They will be good to see, read, and hear!

I am the head of Fanmade Works Wiki. My name is 761954. Sometimes, I like to call myself John, but you can call me 761954. The good guys on this wiki are Jillian1234, Bubbles8218, User: and User: The bad guys are BlueKraid and Davidddizor.


No story bullying my favorite non-troublemakers.

No editing the pages without my permission.

No inaccuracies about the characters.

No lying. Only the truth, the WHOLE truth and NOTHING BUT the truth.

No users who talk back.

No sisters marrying brothers here. Not on here anyway.

No stories that will make me cringe and cry.

No gross-out humor.

No GoAnimate/Vyond.

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